Omega s.a.s. is an engineering company
specialised in design of chemical plants.

Omega s.a.s. is an engineering company specialised in design of chemical plants operating in this sector since 1990 in Italy and abroad.

The company operates in the market in a double way: as a company with process technologies and it’s able to study and to develop new process and chemical technologies, thanks to its participation to Consorzio Polo Tecnologico Magona in Cecina (with Pisa University); as a company that, thanks to its technical knowledge and experience can manage basic and detailed engineering for plants by its own conception and for existing industrial plants of any dimension.

Omega can implement plants starting from process development, through basic and detailed engineering and with 3D-Modeling.
Omega offers automation and control system, start-up and commissioning activities included.
Omega offers also all the services concerning project management and planning for the construction of plants.




Omega s.a.s. can develop a 360° engineering for clients in every phases of a project.


Feasibility Analysis and Studies

Our activity starts from feasibility studies that allow the evaluation of technologies and investment related costs, scheduling and analysing timing, safety and law restrictions about development.



We supply mechanic and electro-instrumental basic engineering, with PFD, technical specifications and sizing of equipment, plant lay-out and 3D-Modeling.


Thanks to the skills learned in the development of all the engineering disciplines and in the supervision of mechanical and electrical constructions, Omega is able to develop “EPC” supplies of turn-key plants.
In all areas of our competence, we have at least twenty years of varied supplies behind us, where we have had also the privilege to develop new technologies.

Also all aspects of project management are managed directly by Omega, leaving the client the freedom to manage their routine operations without having to allocate internal resources for the development of new projects. If the client prefers, it’s also possible to develop this relationship without the construction part, supporting the client in the supervision of the companies involved in the construction of the equipment, providing the classic assistance services and site managers.


Omega technicians are specialized in implementation of control systems on plants of the most varied sizes, from the single reactor with on-board control to entire production plants.
These are our main activities:

  • design of the hardware and software architecture of the systems
  • development and configuration of the control software
  • sviluppo e configurazione del software di controllo
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) power and signal panels according to the control system
  • installation, commissioning and start-up and post start-up assistance of DCS systems or PLCs plus HMIs