Omega è specializzata nella progettazione di impianti chimici nonché in altre attività specialistiche:

Omega s.a.s. is a company able to develop engineering for customers at 360 ° and in all phases of customer design.

This capacity derives from a thirty-years experience in design, assistance in construction and assembly, commissioning and start up of industrial plants.

Moreover, the company know-how allows the development of process for the customers according to their final inputs and objectives.

Our activity starts from the carrying out of feasibility studies that allow the evaluation of the technologies and the related costs of a possible investment, analysing also temporal aspects of the realization, regulatory and safety constraints.

We also provide basic mechanical and electro-instrumental engineering, including process diagrams, technical specifications and equipment sizing, plant layout and 3D modelling

The planning is then pushed into its execution phase (detailed engineering) in which Omega develops the documentation for construction related to:

  • Piping
  • Process equipment
  • Civil works
  • Electrical design of medium and low voltage, ground network
  • MCC panels and automation panels
  • Process instrumentation
  • Control system
  • Metric calculations and tender specifications